Pre-Register Now for Command & Conquer™: Legions - Unleash Red Alert Faction Wars

Gaming Staff • May 31, 2024

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Level Infinite and Electronic Arts have started the pre-registration for Command & Conquer™: Legions, a mobile strategy game, on the App Store, Google Play, and the official website. The game's debut season will feature the Red Alert universe, with players leading their chosen faction, recruiting legendary heroes, and building armies to thwart Yuri's plans. The pre-registration campaign offers exclusive in-game rewards, including Silver Chips, Golden Chips, a "Victory Star" Frame, and a "Soviets Construction Yard" Base Skin. Command & Conquer™: Legions promises an authentic Command & Conquer and Red Alert experience, real-time PvP battles, strategic depth, social exploration, and diverse gameplay modes. The game is set to launch later in 2024, with more stories from the iconic C&C universe in future seasons. Level Infinite and Electronic Arts are dedicated to delivering engaging and original gaming experiences to a global audience.


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