Pre-Order Now: For The Warp - A Sci-Fi Deck Builder Roguelike on Xbox

Gaming Staff • March 1, 2024

"For The Warp" is a new deck-building roguelike game developed by Massive Galaxy Studios and published by ImaginationOverflow. The game is now available for pre-order on Xbox platforms, with a release date set for March 12, 2024. Players can also access the game on PC and Nintendo Switch.

In "For The Warp," players explore procedurally generated systems and engage in battles using a deck of cards that can be customized and upgraded throughout the game. The objective is to fight through enemies and obstacles to reach the warp gate. Along the way, players can encounter allies and foes, discover ancient civilization ruins, and unlock powerful technologies and ships.

The game's deck-building mechanics and roguelike genre create a unique and challenging gameplay experience. Players must strategically select and time their card plays to overcome enemies and progress through the game. The procedurally generated systems ensure that each playthrough is different, providing endless replayability.

"For The Warp" is priced at $17.99 on Xbox and $17.49 on PC. Players can pre-order the game now on the Xbox Store, and it will be available for purchase on Steam and other platforms on the release date.

For more information about "For The Warp," visit the game's website at or follow the developers on Twitter at , , and . The game's official trailer and additional screenshots can be found on the website and social media channels.

Overall, "For The Warp" is an exciting and innovative game that combines deck-building mechanics with the roguelike genre in a captivating sci-fi setting. Its procedurally generated systems and customizable deck create a unique and challenging gameplay experience that will keep players engaged for hours.


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