Popularium Secures $2M Seed Financing for Chaos Agents, the World's First Autobattler-Royale

Gaming Staff • March 26, 2024

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Popularium, a game development company, has successfully raised $2M in a seed financing round from various investors and games/media executives. The company was co-founded by Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering, and has announced the upcoming launch of their new game, Chaos Agents. Chaos Agents is an autobattler-royale game, combining the battle royale and auto-battler genres, and was designed by Richard Garfield himself. The game is set to launch its public Alpha in summer 2024.

Chaos Agents allows players to coach and guide a unique superhero, their Chaos Agent, in a battle royale against other players. Each Agent is globally unique, allowing only one player in the world to play with a specific Agent and potentially becoming the global expert on that Agent. The game has received significant investment interest due to the success of its playtest, with many investors being long-time fans of Magic: The Gathering and other games from Popularium's co-founders.

The seed financing round has been supported by investors such as Palm Drive Capital, The Data Economics Company, Eden Chen, Reverb Ventures, Dave Nemetz, Pareto, Exit Capital, The Society of Entertainment, Bryan Goldberg, Dan Black, Dhani Jones, and Avi Ben-Menahem. These investors are excited to be part of the Popularium journey and support the realization of Richard Garfield's vision for the autobattler-royale genre.

Players can now sign up for the Chaos Agents Alpha, which is set to launch in summer 2024. Popularium aims to develop games that push the boundaries of innovation in game design and economics while creating experiences that gamers embrace and engage with for years. Chaos Agents is the company's first game, combining the battle royale and MOBA genres with the auto-battler genre, creating a dynamic, deep strategy experience that's simple to pick up and play but takes a lifetime to master.


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