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Gaming Staff • March 21, 2024

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HAEGIN's mobile game "Play Together" has ushered in spring with various spring-themed items and activities on Kaia Island. The Fox Workshop is now open, offering players a chance to acquire exclusive spring items such as the Cherry Blossom Bait, Cherry Blossom Furniture, and the Fox Potion. Using the Fox Potion gives players an opportunity to encounter a Giant Fox Pet.

To craft these spring-themed items, players need to collect Cherry Blossom Flowers scattered throughout Kaia Island. Players can also help NPC "Rena" fill her sketchbook with drawings in exchange for points, which can be used to buy more spring-themed items from the Fox Merchant.

A photo contest has been organized around the theme of fun times during the cherry blossom season. Players can take and submit pictures of fun moments with friends amidst the cherry blossoms for other players to vote on. The player with the highest-voted picture will receive a reward when a certain score is reached.

Additional content includes the "Fox Egg," which can be found under a cherry blossom tree in the Plaza area, and the appearance of the Cherry Blossom Fish, which can only be caught during springtime. Players can also collect various gifts such as the "Fox Egg" and "Cherry Blossom Pattern Cap" just by checking their attendance every day in celebration of the spring update.

For more information about the update and details regarding "Play Together," players can visit the official "Play Together" communities on Facebook and Twitter.


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