Pixel Starships Update: New Adventures, CRISPR System, and More

Gaming Staff • May 17, 2024

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Melbourne-based indie game developer and publisher SavySoda has announced an exciting update for their successful game, Pixel Starships. This update brings a new galaxy-spanning adventure with updated collections, mechanics, and features. One of the most thrilling additions is the new Collection system, which includes over 20 new and updated collections.

Another significant change is the CRISPR system, which allows players to enhance their Crew Rosters by consuming duplicate Crew members to improve the target Crew's Maximum Training Potential. This new feature provides an alternative to DNA Blending and traditional Roster management.

The update also brings improvements to the Recruiting Crew feature, reducing the maximum cost of Beer Draw and Advanced Beer Draw from the Star Bar. Additionally, the Mass Teleporter Room has been updated, now capable of teleporting up to 3 Crew members at once, with a longer reload and cooldown time compared to the existing TLP Room.

Pixel Starships is a strategy and simulation game that lets players design, build, and command their own fleet of starships. The game features a unique blend of strategy, resource management, multiplayer competition, and has already gained a dedicated following of almost 10 million players during its Early Access phase.

SavySoda is an indie studio based in Melbourne, Australia, focused on creating original Strategy and Simulation games. Pixel Starships is available on Mac, PC, Web, and mobile platforms. For more information about SavySoda and Pixel Starships, visit their respective websites, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.


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