Pirofauna: A Glimpse into a Flickering, Paper Forest Adventure

Gaming Staff • June 3, 2024

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Pirofauna: A Glimpse into a Flickering, Paper Forest Adventure

"Pirofauna" is a forthcoming small exploration adventure game where players control a tiny flame navigating through a dark, misty forest. The flame can set fire to anything it touches, which can help dispel darkness, assist lost and frightened worms, and ward off unfriendly creatures. The game's world is made entirely of paper, in the unique style of Tomasz Ostafin, the creator of the award-winning game "Papetura."

The game is still in early production, and the developer is experimenting with different directions for the game to take. However, the developer has stated that the mystical atmosphere of the world and playing with light will play a significant role, as will the paper-craft aesthetic. This time, everything will be in 3D, bringing depth to the paper world. The forest will be filled with life, including villages of worms with many stories to tell.

The game's soundtrack will be composed by Tomas Dvorak, known for his music for the Amanita games, and Juraj Mraves, a talented sfx artist. The game is ultimately being developed for PC and Mac, and then for consoles. While the release date is not yet set, the developer has promised that it will not take as long as the previous game, which took seven years to develop.

Players can already watch a teaser and the first screenshots, and the developers are kindly asking for players to wishlist the game on Steam. Overall, "Pirofauna" promises to be a unique and charming exploration adventure game that utilizes light and paper-craft aesthetics to create a mystical and engaging world.


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