Phantom Hellcat: A Glimpse into Its Dual-Reality World

Gaming Staff • February 22, 2024

Ironbird Creations, a studio under All in! Games, has shared new information about their upcoming game, Phantom Hellcat. The game was announced at Gamescom in 2022 and has been in development since then. Phantom Hellcat is a slasher-platformer that combines elements of classic and modern action games, such as Devil May Cry and Jazz Jackrabbit.

Phantom Hellcat is set in a '90s US theater, now a battlefield against demonic entities. Players take on the role of Jolene, who is fighting to save her mother and uncover a secret world of demon hunters. The game features perspective-changing action-adventure gameplay, where players navigate a dual-reality world using magical masks. The game is expected to be released on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Ironbird Creations, founded in 2021, is a development studio under All in! Games, focusing on producing third-person perspective action-adventure video games. All in! Games, founded in 2018, is a production house that has published games such as Ghostrunner, Chernobylite, Tools Up!, and Paradise Lost. However, in 2023, All in! Games shifted its focus to the development of games through its internal studios.

The new information about Phantom Hellcat comes at a time when the gaming industry is facing challenges. Marcin Kawa, Executive Producer, stated that the team wanted to wait until they were confident in the results of their work before sharing any updates. Alex Godlewska, Game Director, added that the team has put in a significant amount of effort into the project and is excited to share more in the coming months.

Phantom Hellcat promises to be a unique game that combines action-packed combat with strategic exploration and narrative depth. The game's perspective-changing gameplay and dual-reality world make it a standout title to look out for in the coming months.


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