Overcoming Challenges: Our Roadmap to Enhancing Abyss Online

Gaming Staff • May 20, 2024

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Overcoming Challenges: Our Roadmap to Enhancing Abyss Online

The Early Access launch of Abyss Online has been an eventful experience, and the team is grateful for players' patience as they work to resolve various issues. Several game-breaking bugs are currently being addressed, including a single sign-on system glitch, invisible armor/weapon, HP/Mana bug, desync problems, game crashes on login, and world and character save concerns.

Planned fixes include:

1. Game-breaking bugs: Most single sign-on issues have been resolved, with remaining fixes expected soon. Invisible armor/weapon, HP/Mana bug, desync, and game crash on login fixes are in progress, with estimated completion in early next week. World and character saves will be addressed next week, but players can continue testing different systems with provided resources/equipment.
2. Optimization: The team is working on enhancing landscape rendering to make the game accessible on more machines.

The Abyss Online Team's path forward includes:

1. Frequent and transparent communication: Regular updates on progress, addressing both fixes and new content.
2. Frequent updates and patches: Regular updates to address bugs and improve gameplay incrementally.
3. Major content updates: Significant content updates are planned to introduce new features, improve systems, and add depth to the game.
4. Community engagement: Valuing player feedback, with Q&A sessions on Discord, forum engagement, and open communication channels.
5. Acknowledgement and apologies: Sincere apologies for any frustration caused, with a commitment to making things right and delivering a game worthy of support.
6. Iterative improvements: Continuous enhancement based on player feedback, aiming to exceed expectations.

The team acknowledges the current state of the game may be frustrating but emphasizes the importance of player involvement in creating the world of Aeternea. They look forward to making Abyss Online an unforgettable adventure with players' help. Regular updates and improvements are planned to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.


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