Outbreak: Shades of Horror Characters, Lydia and Hank, Take a Break with Railbreak on iOS

Gaming Staff • July 5, 2024

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Outbreak: Shades of Horror Characters, Lydia and Hank, Take a Break with Railbreak on iOS

The upcoming survival horror adventure game, Outbreak: Shades of Horror, features characters Lydia and Hank who enjoy playing video games to relax. They try out the new game Railbreak at the Cypress Ridge Arcade. Railbreak for iOS is a console-quality arcade shooter with a hilarious and fully-voiced story mode. Players can battle through six acts filled with large monsters, use unconventional weapons, and fight special infected creatures.

Railbreak offers additional characters with unique weapons and perks, and five additional modes, including Score Attack, Onslaught, Glitch Gauntlet, Boss Rush, and Shoutout Shootout. The game can be played with traditional rules or Time Korrisis game-type, where players must kill enemies to extend their playthrough.

Railbreak features satisfying touch screen controls on iOS, including a dual-wielding configuration. Players can mow down waves of zombies, collect hidden items, and enjoy all the content featured on consoles with engaging and intuitive touch controls.

Railbreak and Railbreak Pocket Edition launch for iPhone via iOS on July 5th at an MSRP of $4.99. Dead Drop Studios, the game's developer, focuses on creating retro-style survival horror games for the modern gamer. Their next announced title, Outbreak: Shades of Horror, is built in Unreal Engine 5 and brings a thrilling next-generation survival horror experience to console and PC platforms beginning summer 2024.


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