Once Human's New Beta: Multiplayer Survival in an Anomalous World

Gaming Staff • February 26, 2024

Starry Studios has revealed a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming multiplayer survival game, Once Human, which is inspired by the SCP universe. The new trailer showcases various survival adventures with crews in an anomalous world, including the new Deviant gameplay. Once Human is currently ranked #2 on the STEAM wishlist for most anticipated multiplayer online survival games and has garnered significant player attention during its last beta.

The new beta test plan will commence on March 28, 2024, and will include new monsters, formidable bosses, and the much-anticipated Eternaland area, where players can construct buildings, explore territories, and solve puzzles. A new PVP season will also make its debut in this upcoming test.

The new trailer demonstrates the multiplayer gameplay modes available in the game, including exploring the anomalous world, gathering resources to build shelters, delving into aberration-ridden caves, boarding long-legged buses in search of treasure, and defending territories from monsters alongside comrades.

Once Human's new beta will start on March 28, 2024. Players can sign up on the official Once Human website for an opportunity to join the test. The mobile version registration is now ongoing, while pre-registration for PC users will soon be available. Once Human is planned to launch in Q3, 2024.


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