Odencat Announces Mousebusters: Solve Ghost Mysteries as a Mouse in 2024

Gaming Staff • June 4, 2024

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Japanese indie developer Odencat Inc. has announced that their latest adventure game, Mousebusters, will be released on Steam and Nintendo Switch in 2024. The game follows a protagonist who has been transformed into a mouse and must exorcise ghosts in a haunted apartment building to break the curse.

Players will take on missions as a Mousebuster, exploring each apartment while avoiding detection and solving puzzles to reveal the ghosts. The game features a unique battle system where players must use a ghost zapper to protect themselves and hit the ghosts' weak points. Mousebusters also includes a virtual simulator to train shooting skills and earn loot.

The game boasts a suspenseful and intriguing story, with players uncovering a conspiracy surrounding the apartment building and the Mousebusters' chief. With multiple languages supported and a vibrant pixel aesthetic, Mousebusters promises to be another memorable adventure game from Odencat Inc. The game is suitable for all ages, and the price is yet to be determined. Fans can look forward to playing Mousebusters on Nintendo Switch and Steam in 2024.


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