Nomad Games Announces Talisman: Digital 5th Edition, Makes Current Version Free

Gaming Staff • May 23, 2024

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Nomad Games, a game developer based in Cheshire, England, has announced that they are working on a new version of Talisman: Digital Edition, based on the upcoming 5th Edition of the physical board game from Avalon Hill, which is licensed by Games Workshop. The current version of Talisman: Digital Edition is now available for free permanently on both PC and mobile devices, and has been renamed to Talisman: Digital Classic Edition to distinguish it from the upcoming 5th Edition.

Talisman is a fantasy board game that was originally released in 1983 by Games Workshop. The latest version of the board game, the 5th Edition, features updated artwork, redesigned figures, and more streamlined gameplay. Talisman: Digital 5th Edition will bring overhauls and new features to the game, as well as adapting all the new gameplay changes and design updates featured in the 5th Edition.

The current version of Talisman: Digital Edition has been available for over a decade and has introduced millions of players to the iconic board game. By making the base game free-to-play, Nomad Games hopes to introduce the game to a whole new audience.

Talisman: Digital 5th Edition is planned to release on Steam later this year, with other platforms to follow. Players can wishlist the game on Steam to stay up to date with the latest news. Nomad Games is an independent video games developer and publisher, best known for its digital version of the classic Games Workshop board game Talisman, which has sold over a million units. Games Workshop produces the best fantasy miniatures in the world and is based in Nottingham, UK.


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