New Game Alert: Zombie Within Combines Strategy & Terror on Steam

Gaming Staff • February 22, 2024

New Game Alert: Zombie Within Combines Strategy & Terror on Steam

The multiplayer social deduction game, Zombie Within, has been released by Wandering Wizard, the indie publishing arm of Snail Inc., and developer New Gen. The game is now available on Steam with a 20% launch discount. Zombie Within takes place in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies, where zombie imposters have infiltrated a survivor camp and are intent on annihilating the population.

Players can choose to be a zombie imposter or a defender, each with their own unique abilities and objectives. Zombie imposters blend in with civilians and aim to break as many generators as possible to spread the infection. Once enough infection has spread, they can transform into a monstrous zombie form to attack civilians directly. Defenders, on the other hand, can take on the roles of hunters or engineers. Hunters can easily take down zombie imposters and lay traps to expose them, while engineers have tools that allow them to quickly find broken generators and reveal the imposter amongst the civilians.

Zombie Within offers asymmetrical social deduction gameplay and randomly generated maps, providing a unique experience each time. Players can join their favorite creators and choose their allegiance, either defending humanity or becoming an imposter on a mission to wipe out the camp.

Snail Games, the parent company of Wandering Wizard, is a pioneer in the digital technology and entertainment industry, while NewGen Studio is an indie game development studio based in Tunisia. Wandering Wizard is dedicated to bringing independent western developed games to the global market.


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