Necromantic: Survive Nightly Undead Sieges in Valorborn Academy - Now on Steam Early Access

Gaming Staff • April 22, 2024

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Necromantic: Survive Nightly Undead Sieges in Valorborn Academy - Now on Steam Early Access

Blinkmoon, a Vancouver-based game development studio, has announced the opening of Valorborn Academy in its upcoming game, Necromantic. This dark fantasy game features fast-paced, survivors-like gameplay, where players must navigate through hordes of monsters and other challenges to survive the night and impress their classmates.

As a freshman at Valorborn Academy, players will need to balance their academic pursuits during the day and their desire to impress their peers at night. They will have access to a variety of weapons and abilities to help them survive, and every outing will provide an opportunity to improve their skills and gather resources.

In Necromantic, combat prowess is key, and players can earn textbooks at night that will test their wits and intellect during the day. These textbooks will help players learn about their fellow students and the dark magic that surrounds the town of Kathedril, where the academy is located.

Necromantic will feature both solo and Blind Date co-op modes, allowing players to complete assignments on their own or with the help of a random player. The game is set to launch into Early Access on PC via Steam this year, and players can wishlist the game on Steam now to secure their spot at Valorborn Academy.

Blinkmoon is a studio made up of talented visual effects artists and game developers who have worked on blockbuster films like Game of Thrones and Justice League, as well as popular game franchises like Apex Legends and Assassin's Creed. The studio aims to transform the gaming industry through the integration of cutting-edge technologies used in both the VFX and gaming worlds.


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