MU Online's Season 18 Part 2 Update: Class Tweaks, Elite Zone, and New Guardian

Gaming Staff • February 20, 2024

WEBZEN, the developer and publisher of the MMORPG MU Online, has released the second update of MU Season 18 Part 2. This update focuses on class balance adjustments, particularly for Dark Knight, Magic Gladiator, Rage Fighter, and Slayer, and introduces a new Combat Power (%) option for each class weapon. The update also introduces a new Elite Zone, Gore Tarkan, where players can encounter stronger Elite Monsters and earn rewards such as Elite Option Conversion Fragment, Elite Guardian Upgrade Stone, Golden Seal, and more.

Additionally, the new 5th Guardian, Ullr, has been added as a mount that provides increased defense, speed, and resistance against Elite Monsters. This update is accompanied by various in-game events, including Pouring Gifts in the Elite Zone of Gore Tarkan, Mastery Equipment Enchantment Event, Guardian Upgrade Stone Moss Drop Rate UP, Free Mount & Extract Seed Sphere, Maze of Dimensions +30% EXP, doubled Event Map Reward, and more. These events will run until March 12.

The Dimensional Roulette Event has also returned, with a new prize: a +11 Lv. 4 Wings Voucher. Players can participate by using Goblin Points to obtain 5 Dimensional Keys to spin the roulette for 1 minute. A Roulette Point Ranking Event, including Play Time Roulette, Goblin Point Roulette, and Dimensional Roulette, has also started, with special prizes for the Top 200 Ranking Points, including +0 Blessed Divine Archangel Weapon or +0 Apocalypse Armor Set (+15 Stat +Luck), +0 Brilliant Weapon (+3 Options +Luck), and more.

WEBZEN Inc. is a global developer and publisher of various PC and mobile games, including MU Online, R2(Reign of Revolution), Shot Online, the MU series, the Metin series, and more. The company operates its global game portal,, which hosts 60 million registered players globally. WEBZEN is also leading the expansion of IP (Intellectual Property) franchise business and collaborations with a


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