MasterUp: Revolutionizing Live RPGs with Immersive Toolkit

Gaming Staff • March 22, 2024

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MasterUp, a revolutionary toolkit for live game storytelling, has been launched on Kickstarter by AR Market, a startup focused on enhancing lives with immersive technologies. The toolkit combines physical and digital innovations, specifically designed for the role-playing game (RPG) community, to address common challenges faced by Dungeon Masters (DMs) and players in setting up and enhancing live RPG sessions.

The MasterUp kit includes physical tools like a modular magnetic whiteboard, portable table, map holders, magnetic token holders, and an interactive DM screen with monitor, speakers, and interchangeable graphic covers. The digital components feature a game campaign management software and app, incorporating AR and VR experiences.

MasterUp aims to revolutionize live RPGs without altering their essence, making them more accessible, imaginative, and immersive. The kit offers portability and ease of transport, solving practical problems while elevating the gaming experience. The fusion of cutting-edge technology with traditional tools empowers both Masters and players.

Andrea Baldini, the founder of AR Market and an avid RPG enthusiast, leads the development of MasterUp. With a team of 3D artists, AR/VR developers, and a passion for RPGs, MasterUp was created to enhance the live role-playing experience.

The Kickstarter campaign aims to bring the vision to life, with the RPG community's support. MasterUp is not just a product but a movement to revolutionize live RPGs, offering a comprehensive, immersive experience by merging physical and digital elements.

MasterUp is committed to environmental responsibility, using recyclable materials and minimizing material consumption through digital tools. The campaign invites RPG enthusiasts to join the movement and back the project, taking live RPGs to the next level.


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