Master Freeform Speech in Talk to Me Human, a Quirky AI Conversation Game

Gaming Staff • June 7, 2024

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Talk to Me Human is a new game from Seattle-based indie studio Least Significant Bit that utilizes AI-driven dialog, allowing players to talk to voiced AI characters in real-time. The game, which is now available in early access, challenges players to think on their feet and engage in freeform speech in various social situations. The game's AI characters evaluate the player's persuasive skills and respond dynamically, making for creative and humorous gameplay.

Set in a near-future society populated by bumbling robots and incompetent AI, Talk to Me Human presents a lighthearted vision of a world where players must navigate corporate blunders and repair soured relationships to collect "social currency." The game features more than 25 currently playable levels, with acts I and II available now and the second half of the adventure to be released upon the game's full launch.

The game's developer, Max Forbes, came up with the idea for Talk to Me Human after finishing his PhD in AI, where his goal was to get computers to learn basic social commonsense. The game is played directly on its website and is compatible with mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.

Least Significant Bit is a small, self-funded, independent R&D lab based out of Seattle, WA, USA. Founded in 2023 by AI researcher Max Forbes, the studio aims to make small software that delights people. Talk to Me Human is the studio's first commercial product.


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