Magmic Expands Partnership with IDGA: Committed to Team Growth & Industry Leadership

Gaming Staff • May 30, 2024

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Magmic, an award-winning mobile game developer and publisher, has expanded its partnership with the International Game Developers Association (IDGA) by becoming 'Studio Affiliate' members. This move aligns with Magmic's commitment to fostering a collaborative and inclusive company culture and supporting the growth and development of its team. The IDGA's Studio Affiliate Program offers additional opportunities for companies to invest in their employees' professional growth, including educational events, networking, and access to learning resources.

Magmic's CEO and President, Mo Agha, expressed his honor in expanding the partnership with IDGA, stating that the company shares IDGA's mission of supporting and empowering game developers to achieve fulfilling and sustainable careers. Magmic is known for its diverse and inclusive company culture, which focuses on core values, inclusivity, diversity, accessibility, and work-life balance.

Dammie Adaralegbe, Magmic's Manager of People and Culture, highlighted the company's collaborative approach to innovation and growth, emphasizing the importance of diversity, inclusion, and collaboration in everything they do. Magmic's expanded partnership with IDGA will help create more collaborative approaches to employee education, enrichment, and engagement, ultimately leading to exceptional gaming experiences and player engagement.

Magmic, based in Ottawa, Canada, has been a pioneer in the mobile gaming industry since 2002, developing and publishing over 100 mobile games, many of which have reached #1 in various App Store categories. With over 250 million game downloads and a player base of millions of monthly active users, Magmic is a leader in the Web3 video game realm, committed to providing high-quality gaming experiences for its players.


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