Lead a Cybernetic War Machine in KIBORG: A Rogue-lite with Unique Time Management

Gaming Staff • May 13, 2024

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Independent Studio Sobaka Games announces its new project, KIBORG, which is part of the Steam Infinite Replayability Fest until May 19. KIBORG is a brutal action game, rogue-lite, and narrative-driven time management game set in a dark sci-fi setting. Players take on the role of Morgan Lee, the leader of a resistance group on a prison planet, and must balance their time and resources to survive.

In KIBORG, time is always moving forward, with missions taking a day and weekly challenges bringing new obstacles. The game features procedurally generated missions, with dozens of enemy types and hundreds of combat modifiers, ensuring no two missions are the same. Players can use clones with nano-skeletons to absorb technology from fallen enemies and build unique cyber implants, with thousands of combinations possible.

Hand-to-hand combat is intense and brutal, with a variety of defensive and offensive techniques. Players must manage their resources carefully, as ammo is limited, melee weapons break easily, and special moves drain stamina. Between missions, players can return to their base, a haven where they can chat with allies, listen to news broadcasts, meditate, train, and craft power-ups.

KIBORG features a variety of characters with strong personalities, and the story progresses based on the player's decisions and successes or failures. The game's official Steam page offers a free demo and the opportunity to wishlist the game for updates.

Sobaka Studio is an indie game developer that has previously released top-down shooter Redeemer and 9 Monkeys of Shaolin, two Beat'em ups with epic combat. They are currently working on the upcoming twin-stick shooter REMEDIUM and time survival game REMEDIUM: Sentinels, which share a grim post-apocalyptic Renaissance setting.


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