Lara Croft Meets Hero Wars: A Tomb Raider Crossover Event

Gaming Staff • May 13, 2024

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GDEV and Crystal Dynamics have partnered to bring Lara Croft, the iconic Tomb Raider heroine, into the popular mobile RPG Hero Wars. This collaboration marks the first time Hero Wars has featured a character from an external franchise. From May 13 to May 26, Hero Wars players can add Lara Croft to their party for free. She is equipped with her signature dual pistols, capable of dealing rapid, ranged damage and wielding the power of ancient artifacts. Dedicated players can unlock various alternate outfits for Lara Croft as well.

This event is significant for Hero Wars, which boasts over 7 million active players each month, as it is the first collaboration of its kind since the game's launch in 2016. GDEV's portfolio studio Nexters is excited to work with Crystal Dynamics, expressing their enthusiasm for Lara Croft, a truly iconic character in the gaming world.

Lara Croft will be available in all versions of Hero Wars at 2am UTC on May 13 and will depart from Hero Wars: Alliance on iOS and Android at 23:59pm UTC on May 27, while browser players in Hero Wars: Dominion Era will see her setting out a little later on 2am UTC on May 27. Players are encouraged to add her to their roster before the event ends.

Hero Wars is a free-to-play game available on Android, iOS, and web browsers. GDEV, the gaming and entertainment powerhouse, focuses on growing and enhancing its portfolio of studios, which includes Nexters, Cubic Games, and others. Nexters is an international game development company known for its hit games like Hero Wars and Island Hoppers, while Crystal Dynamics is an award-winning game development studio known for the Tomb Raider franchise.


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