KeokeN Interactive Launches Kickstarter for Deliver Us Home: A New Sci-Fi Adventure

Gaming Staff • June 11, 2024

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KeokeN Interactive, a Dutch independent game developer, has launched a crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming game, Deliver Us Home, the third installment in the Deliver Us series. The game is a single-player sci-fi experience that follows a lone astronaut on a mission to secure a new home for humanity. The Kickstarter campaign, which aims to raise €100,000, will help the developers regain momentum and rebuild their studio after facing challenges in the gaming industry.

Deliver Us Home promises to deliver a mysterious and atmospheric adventure that emphasizes exploration, desolation, and the thrill of the unknown. The game offers more player agency and a widely linear approach, providing a unique experience for both new and returning fans. The campaign will help shape the future of KeokeN Interactive with a lean and experienced studio, ensuring a sustainable future as an independent developer.

The Kickstarter campaign, which runs for 30 days, comes at a time when the gaming industry is facing significant turmoil. Despite the challenges, the developers are excited to share the game with their community and network. The campaign's success will enable KeokeN Interactive to continue creating immersive experiences and pushing the boundaries of reality in gaming.

Deliver Us Home is a 23rd-century space adventure that follows a descendant of Earth's evacuees, tasked with securing a new home for humanity. Players must survive the unknown, explore desolate landscapes, and uncover the secrets of mysterious settlers who arrived long before them. The game uses the Unreal Engine and is a sequel to the acclaimed and award-winning Deliver Us The Moon™.

KeokeN Interactive, founded in 2013 by two brothers, Koen and Paul Deetman, aims to create rich and believable worlds that provide immersive experiences. The company's previous games have received critical acclaim, and Deliver Us Home promises to continue the tradition of delivering high-quality gaming experiences.

In conclusion, the Kickstarter campaign for Deliver Us Home offers an exciting opportunity for gaming enthusiasts to support an independent game developer and contribute to the creation of a unique and atmospheric sci-fi adventure. With its emphasis on exploration, mystery, and player agency, Deliver Us Home promises to deliver an unforget


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