Join the First 666 to Preview Devil's Purge: A Real-World AR Exorcism Shooter

Gaming Staff • May 30, 2024

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ONTOP, a Portuguese indie game development studio, has announced that their upcoming action shooter game, DEVIL’S PURGE, will be available for pre-alpha access for the first 666 players. The game, which fuses fast-paced action with roguelike mechanics, transforms players into real-life exorcists, tasked with obliterating demons in the real world using their smartphones.

DEVIL’S PURGE utilizes augmented reality (AR) technology to bring demons to life in the player’s environment, requiring them to physically dodge attacks and aim their phones to shoot at the demons’ weak spots. The game features biblical characters and blessings that players can use to customize their holy weapons.

The first 666 players to check out the pre-alpha on May 30th will have the opportunity to battle through the first pilgrimage and its keeper, the corrupted Virgin Mary. These players are encouraged to join the ONTOP Discord page to share feedback and receive exclusive updates on the game’s development.

ONTOP’s Game Director, Nuno Folhadela, expressed his excitement about the game’s unique blend of Catholicism, Baroque art, and classic shooter mechanics. The studio aims to create an enthusiastic community of gamers looking for the next generation of gaming that takes place in the real world.

DEVIL’S PURGE is now available for pre-order on the App Store and is compatible with AR-enabled iOS devices. The game is expected to be released later this year, and players can follow DEVIL’S PURGE on social media platforms such as X and TikTok for updates.

ONTOP is a multi-awarded indie game development studio focused on AR technology. The studio has worked with major brands such as Qualcomm, Samsung, and Vodafone and has a vision to turn the world into a gaming platform. For more information about ONTOP Studios, visit their website at [](


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