INDUSTRIA 2: Unveiling a New Dimension in Narrative FPS Games

Gaming Staff • March 21, 2024

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INDUSTRIA 2: Unveiling a New Dimension in Narrative FPS Games

Bleakmill and Headup have announced INDUSTRIA 2, an upcoming narrative FPS set for a 2025 release. The game follows protagonist Nora, who finds herself lost in an alternate dimension dominated by a malevolent artificial intelligence. She must navigate this hostile world, filled with dangerous robots, and uncover the mystery of the sinister A.I. to find her way back home to 1989 East Berlin.

INDUSTRIA 2 features immersive gameplay, with physics-based interactions, crafting, and a diegetic inventory. It offers a unique setting, combining industrial decay in a vast boreal landscape with sprawling mechanical structures. Players can upgrade five weapons with various attachments and engage in intense firefights with robot enemies, featuring vivid machine oil spilling and body dismemberment. The game also boasts cinematic audio, with full voiceover, dynamic music, and detailed sound design.

Bleakmill is an indie studio founded by David Jungnickel from Berlin and Steve Chapman from Glasgow, who first met in 2014. After the successful release of their first game, INDUSTRIA, the team is now working on the sequel. Headup GmbH, the game's publisher, is a hybrid games publishing and development company that has served over 80 million customers on mobile devices and several million players on PC and consoles. Headup has been awarded "Best Publisher" at the German Developers Awards in 2012, 2013, 2017, and 2019.

The unveiling of INDUSTRIA 2 during the Future Games Spring Showcase included a new teaser trailer, which can be viewed on the developer's website. The game will be available on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store.


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