House Flipper and Car Mechanic Simulator Creators Join Forces for Dine Out DLC

Gaming Staff • March 1, 2024

Frozen Way and GameFormatic, two game development studios from Krakow, Poland, have announced that they are collaborating on a new add-on for the popular simulation game, House Flipper. The add-on, called Dine Out DLC, is themed around the restaurant industry and will offer players new quests, mechanics, and items.

Dine Out DLC will include brand new quests related to the renovation of various dining establishments such as fancy restaurants, sushi bars, food trucks, and cafes. Players will interact with new customers, each with their own unique story and motivations. The add-on will also bring in a variety of furniture and decorative items, allowing players to decorate the establishments with real artistic taste.

One of the new features introduced in the Dine Out DLC is the ability to prepare dishes using a new device – the Universal Cooker. Players will be able to prepare various dishes from different cuisines including Thai, Polish, Italian, Korean, Indian, and more. Another significant innovation will be the ability to lease the premises to interested clients.

The Dine Out DLC will also introduce new tools to make the process of arranging objects more precise and symmetrical. Players will be able to decorate big dining tables by adding tableware and tablecloths in various color schemes and sizes. They will also have the opportunity to design and create the advertising signs for their restaurants.

House Flipper – Dine Out DLC adds more content to the game, including 10 engaging and immersive quests, 10 houses to renovate and decorate, 30 dishes from around the world to prepare, the ability to rent out restaurants, offices and houses, new tool for precise and symmetrical object placement on flat surfaces, the ability to decorate tables with tablecloths, the ability to design your own advertising signs, and over 800 new items.

Frozen Way and GameFormatic are both game development studios from Krakow, Poland. Frozen Way is known for co-creating House Flipper with its Pets DLC and Farm DLC, as well as creating and releasing House Flipper VR, co-releasing Builder Simulator on Steam, and co-developing Chornobyl Liquidators. GameFormatic is a Polish game developer and publisher that creates innovative and


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