Heaven Media Acquires Endix: A New Era of Digital Gaming Expos

Gaming Staff • March 12, 2024

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Heaven Media, a prominent creative marketing agency for gaming and technology, has announced the acquisition of Endix, a digital events platform that enables brands to interact with gaming audiences globally. Endix, founded by Nikos Perifanis in 2019, offers a fully-digital and immersive experience, allowing gamers to enjoy gaming exhibitions without physical limitations.

Endix's platform, developed using Unreal Engine, creates a realistic city where events are hosted, and attendees can customize their avatars, meet friends, and explore various offerings. Brands can leverage Amazon Web Services to scale sessions according to their needs while ensuring a seamless experience for gamers.

The acquisition aims to strengthen Heaven Media's events offerings and provide new digital opportunities. Endix's platform allows brands to create digital activations, engage with fans, and build a loyal audience in gaming environments familiar to Gen Z and Gen Alpha.

Key benefits of using Endix include accessibility, elimination of physical restrictions, authentic brand activations, direct conversions, and advertising opportunities. Endix has already hosted successful three-day virtual events with 17 explorable booths and ten esports stands.

Heaven Media, with its two decades of experience in the events space, aims to create memorable experiences and help deliver exciting activations at major events like Gamescom, GDC, and PAX. The combination of Heaven Media's success in the events space and Endix's vision to create an accessible experience for all gamers opens up new possibilities for brands in the gaming and technology industries.


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