HAWKED's Issue #2: Dark Arrival Launches - New Challenges, Rewards, and Xbox One/Epic Games Release

Gaming Staff • May 23, 2024

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MY.GAMES, the publisher and developer, has launched "Issue #2: Dark Arrival," a significant update for the online treasure-hunting game HAWKED on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Epic Games Launcher. This update introduces a new questline, formidable enemies, and various features, such as PvP Ranked Mode, Class Cards, and the Renegade Pass.

In "Issue 2: Dark Arrival," players confront the cybernetically-enhanced VEKTR force, which has taken control of X-Isle to excavate the largest vault rumored to contain the Heart of the Island. New enemies, including GAMMA, BETA, DELTA, EPSILON, and OMICRON units, have been introduced, adding to the challenge.

Key features of this update include the PvP Ranked Mode, where players can squad up, level up their Rank and Division, and receive exclusive rewards. Class Cards are another significant addition, offering a new way to experiment with builds and playstyles. Players can unlock Class Cards by owning the required Artifacts and Gear and upgrading them through Mastery Quests.

The Renegade Pass allows players to complete Quests and receive rewards from the Free track, with the option to purchase the Premium Renegade Pass for additional rewards. From May 27 until June 3, players can participate in a community contest to create their Class Card for a chance to win prizes and have their card featured in-game.

HAWKED, an extraction-shooter game, was launched on February 15, 2024, on PC via the MY.GAMES Launcher and Steam, and on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store. The game has captivated players with its dynamic gameplay, immersive treasure-hunting mechanics, and gripping extraction shooter action.


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