GigaBash DLC Adds Godzilla's Rivals: King Ghidorah and Hedorah

Gaming Staff • May 16, 2024

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Passion Republic Games has announced the release of the GigaBash | Godzilla: Nemesis - 2 Kaiju Pack DLC, which introduces two new playable characters from the Godzilla universe: King Ghidorah and Hedorah. The DLC is now available on all platforms.

King Ghidorah, Godzilla's most formidable rival, can blast destructive lightning bolt-like Gravity Beams, produce powerful shockwaves, and fly using its supersonic wings. Hedorah, the smog monster, can spit Acidic Sludge, throw mud balls, shoot a Hedrium Ray, and revert to its Flying Stage to escape attacks.

The collaboration between Godzilla and GigaBash has brought a total of six Godzilla characters into the game. Players can choose to play as these Nemeses of Godzilla or band together with old adversaries to fight them off.

GigaBash is a Kaiju Fighting Game where players battle as film-inspired Kaijus and giant Heroes. The game offers various modes, including Onslaught Mode, Arcade Mode, Story Mode, Battle Mode, and Mayhem Mode, providing endless opportunities for players to join the fray and rise as king among monsters.

Passion Republic Games is a Malaysian-based team of passionate creators with a decade's experience in providing AAA quality assets for top developers and publishers worldwide. The company believes in sharing knowledge gained from its game development journey to inspire and give hope for greater community growth.


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