Galactivore: A Gory Retro-Style Platformer with an All-Female Cast, Releasing July 15, 2024

Gaming Staff • June 8, 2024

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Galactivore is a retro-style action-platformer game developed by Fulkult, a one-man game development company based in Rengsjö, Sweden. The game is inspired by the 16-bit era and games like Mega Man X and Doom, and features an all-female cast.

In Galactivore, players run, shoot, and jump their way through varied levels, each with new enemies, bosses, and gameplay elements. The game boasts lovingly crafted pixel art graphics and a groovy soundtrack inspired by the classics of the 80s and 90s. As players progress through the game, they can find secret upgrades and collect rewards in the form of new ammo types, which affect the gameplay in different ways.

The game's story is set in 2068, where Earth has become uninhabitable, and players take on the role of an unnamed space traveler looking for work. They get hired by the Invisible Hand Corporation to fight the United Liberation Front, but as they journey across different planets, they discover the truth behind the Invisible Hand Corporation's rise to power – the mysterious "Substance 52." This discovery forces players to choose a side, leading to two different endings.

Galactivore features gory gameplay, various weapons and armor upgrades, and a new game plus mode. The game is set to release on Steam for Windows PCs on July 15, 2024, for $13.99 with a 15% release discount. Fulkult is inviting journalists and influencers to review the game, and interested parties can contact Kristoffer Löfgren at +4676-306 37 66. Additional information, including logos, screenshots, trailers, and press kits, can be found on Fulkult's website and social media channels.


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