Galactic Civilizations® IV's Populi Update Adds Custom Citizen Races and Transport

Gaming Staff • March 12, 2024

Pc Games Strategy Indie Game

Stardock has recently released a significant update, version 2.4 "Populi," for its popular space 4X strategy game, Galactic Civilizations® IV. This update introduces custom Citizen Races, Citizen transportation, UI upgrades, and improved language support, enhancing the gameplay experience based on community feedback.

The Populi update introduces custom-generated Citizen Races, complete with unique names, descriptions, and portraits. These races are created based on a civilization's specific biological and cultural characteristics, adding depth and personalization to the gameplay. This feature generates dynamic stories and events, making each playthrough engaging and unique.

Another highly requested feature, Citizen transportation, is now available, enabling instant transfer of Citizens between Core Worlds. This strategic addition improves population management and opens new opportunities for optimizing and expanding civilizations across the galaxy.

The update also features UI upgrades, including an improved AlienGPT UI and a more organized Galactic News Network notification panel. Localization has been refined, particularly for Korean, making the game more immersive for a global audience. Balance improvements and bug fixes further enhance the overall stability and fairness of gameplay.

These new features and improvements demonstrate Stardock's commitment to enhancing player experience and accessibility. To learn more about the changes and improvements in the Galactic Civilizations IV: Populi update, visit the full change log. Explore or purchase Galactic Civilizations IV on Steam, Epic Games Store, or directly at


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