Forgotten Skies

Gaming Staff • June 7, 2024

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Chrysalis Interactive, a US-based game development studio, has recently released the demo version of its upcoming game, "Forgotten Skies." The demo is now available for free on Steam, offering gamers a sneak peek into this highly anticipated Genre-Mix Third-Person Platforming Adventure game.

"Forgotten Skies" is a 3D platform-adventure game set in a captivating and mysterious world filled with humor, danger, and wacky gameplay. The game combines elements of classic platformers with adventure games, providing players with a unique and entertaining gaming experience. The demo version includes a variety of quests, side missions, and a glimpse into the detailed environments found in the full game.

The game boasts an exciting mix of platforming, roleplay, and beat 'em up gameplay, challenging players to navigate through a dynamic and thrilling world. The demo also showcases the integration of upscaling technologies such as AMD Fidelity FX and Intel XeSS, as well as sound enhancement with Dolby Atmos for headphones, ensuring an immersive gaming experience.

Players can expect story-driven interactions and dialogues with NPCs, funny NPCs, and quests throughout the game. The full version of "Forgotten Skies" is set to be released in August 2024 on Steam.

Chrysalis Interactive, founded in 2020, is an independent game development studio dedicated to creating entertaining computer games. The studio has since expanded its business to include mobile game development and publishing, in addition to computer and console games.


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