Flooded: Reverse City-Builder Now Available with 20% Release Discount

Gaming Staff • February 23, 2024

Flooded: Reverse City-Builder Now Available with 20% Release Discount

The reverse-city builder game, Flooded, has recently been released on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. The game is priced at $12.99/€12.99 and offers a 20% release discount for Xbox players until March 1st and for PlayStation Plus members until March 7th. A free demo is available now on Nintendo Switch.

In Flooded, players must help a group of miners find safe ground as water levels rise worldwide. The game features building, gathering, and upgrading mechanics, as well as the need to defend against hostile neighbors and pirates. Flooded offers three game modes: Campaign, Quickplay, and Endless, with adjustable gameplay settings and procedurally generated islands.

The campaign mode follows the story of the miners as they explore uninhabited islands, meet new allies, and fight invaders. Quickplay mode allows for customized challenges, while Endless mode challenges players to develop a robust economy and produce resources before their base gets flooded. The game is available in English, German, and Polish.

Flooded is developed by Artificial Disasters and Storm Trident S.A. and published by Forever Entertainment S.A. A press kit and trailers are available for viewing. Players interested in reviewing the game can request a game key for that purpose.


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