FLEA!2 Launches on Kickstarter: Leap into the Demo Now

Gaming Staff • February 29, 2024

The sequel to the 2020 NES game FLEA!, titled FLEA!2, is set to launch its Kickstarter campaign on February 29th. The game features Henry the Hyperactive Flea, who continues his pun-filled adventure with new levels and mechanics. A demo of the game, which includes 10 levels and a boss chase, is currently available on itch.io for players to try.

FLEA!2 is designed to run on an NES and is a challenging 2D platformer. It features improved graphics and gameplay over the original FLEA!. The game's developer, Lowtek Games, is offering a limited number of early bird copies at a discounted price. Additionally, a limited edition of the game will be available, which includes a paper diorama and a Dreamcast version of the game in an NES box with a white cartridge.

Players can play the demo on actual NES hardware by downloading the NES rom. The Kickstarter page for FLEA!2 will launch on February 29th, where players can learn more about the game and support its development. FLEA!2 promises to be a fun and challenging addition to the NES library, building upon the foundation laid by the original FLEA! game.


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