Fika Productions' Don't Kill Them All: A Community-Driven RPG Experience

Gaming Staff • June 5, 2024

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Fika Productions, the indie game studio behind the award-winning Ship of Fools, has successfully funded its Kickstarter campaign for Don't Kill Them All, with over 100% funding. The studio is keen on developing the game in collaboration with its growing community of players, involving some backers in the development process by designing Orc passions, NPCs, or testing the game during its beta phase.

The game will feature a new enemy clan, Giants, who will be a formidable presence on the battlefield due to their massive size. Additionally, the team is doubling the number of moods Orcs can experience, such as being proud, which boosts damage when Orcs are adjacent to allies but makes them more stubborn. Orcs can also practice yoga, expressing calmness by diminishing the damage and Area of Effect (AOE) of attacks for two turns, making them more receptive to actions.

Don't Kill Them All will also include time-sensitive events and holidays, adding an extra layer of strategy when planning outings. These events can be random or occur on specific dates, with merchants and travelers arriving at camp carrying specialty goods or important information. Rare roaming creatures may also frequent certain locations at specific times of the year, and Orcs' birthdays will be known to players if they've interacted with them enough, offering the perfect opportunity for gift-giving.

Fika Productions, founded in 2018, is dedicated to offering simple entertainment with great care. The team launched its debut indie game, Ship of Fools, in 2022, bringing to life a roguelite built from the ground up for co-op play. Fika Productions aims to inspire the entertainment industry by creating games in wise and healthy ways. Players can keep track of Don't Kill Them All on Steam, X, and Discord, and join the Kickstarter journey before June 7th, 2024. To learn more about Fika Productions, check out their website, X, and Instagram.


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