Explore, Craft, and Rebuild in Critter Cove's Demo, Coming to Steam Next Fest

Gaming Staff • June 5, 2024

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Gentleman Rat Studios has recently revealed the first playable demo for their upcoming life-sim adventure game, Critter Cove, which will be showcased during the Steam Next Fest in early June. The game aims to expand the cozy formula by incorporating open-world exploration, in-depth crafting and town-building, and tourism management elements into the traditional cozy gameplay of farming, fishing, crafting, and relationship building.

Critter Cove takes place in a beautiful tropical setting, where players can discover hidden treasures, explore sunken cities, and uncover the remnants of an ancient civilization. The demo allows players to experience a portion of the open world, interact with inhabitants, and try out town and tourism management features. Progress made in the demo can be carried over to the main game when it becomes available in Early Access later this year.

The game is designed for relaxation and supports full controller functionality, optimized for the Steam Deck. Critter Cove is set to release on PlayStation and Xbox in 2025. Key features include exploring a handcrafted open world, upgrading buildings, crafting and selling items to tourists, rescuing critters and helping them find jobs, and embarking on quests to discover hidden treasures and relics.

Gentleman Rat Studios is an indie game development team founded in 2014 by brothers Eli and Jason Holding and artist Christine Chugon. Their previous releases include mobile games Peggoo Pop and Blocktagon. The team is currently focused on developing the open-world life-sim game, Critter Cove.


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