Experience WWI Combat in Flying Squirrel's Exclusive 'Over the Top' Demo

Gaming Staff • June 6, 2024

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Flying Squirrel, the developer of "Battle Cry of Freedom," has announced its participation in the upcoming Steam Next Fest from June 10 to 17, 2024. In anticipation of the event, the studio has released an exclusive demo for their upcoming game, "Over the Top: WWI." This sequel aims to expand on the original, offering more intense action, strategic depth, and historical accuracy.

"Over the Top: WWI" is a multiplayer shooter that lets players engage in the brutal and historically detailed battles of World War I. The game features destructible environments, a wide range of weapons, and the option to switch between first and third-person perspectives. The demo allows players to experience the visceral combat and innovative features of the full game.

Flying Squirrel has also released a thrilling gameplay trailer, showcasing the intense and brutal encounters that await players in the demo. The trailer provides a captivating preview of the immersive experience that "Over the Top: WWI" has in store.

"Over the Top: WWI" is set for release in 2024 on PC via Steam. Players can follow Flying Squirrel Entertainment on Discord, X, YouTube, and Facebook for more information. The demo is now available and will be showcased during Steam Next Fest until June 17.

Flying Squirrel Entertainment is a European-based studio founded by a team of former modders who worked on the "Mount & Musket" modification for Mount & Blade: Warband. The studio is passionate about creating immersive and historically inspired games, drawing from their experience in both gaming and living-history events.


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