Experience Warden’s Will in Steam Next Fest: A Co-op Bullet Hell Shooter

Gaming Staff • June 11, 2024

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Elyzio, an independent video game developer, has announced that their third-person movement shooter, Warden’s Will, will be featured in the Steam Next Fest June Edition. The game is a blend of bullet hell combat, roguelite mechanics, and movement shooter elements, allowing players to choose from various Wardens, weapons, and augments to create unique builds and destroy evil robots.

Warden’s Will is inspired by games such as Risk of Rain, Returnal, and Roboquest, with a focus on freedom of movement, extreme mobility, bullet hell combat, and weapon choices. Players can choose from different Wardens, each with unique abilities, and navigate through diverse vertical worlds filled with challenges and hidden treasures.

The game features bullet hell combat, where players must dodge, weave, and annihilate waves of enemies while navigating ravishing planets. Players can also choose their weapon and evolve them with over a hundred upgrades, creating even more powerful synergies with other Wardens in co-op mode.

Warden’s Will offers roguelite progression, where players adapt their play style and evolve their Warden in each run, coming back stronger each time. The game features diverse vertical worlds, endless replayability, and unique fun weapons, making each battle feel different in each run.

Elyzio, founded by Anas El Ferachi and Dogan Can Yeginer, aims to create unforgettable and fun gaming experiences. The team consists of ex-AAA developers mixed with young talent, with credits in hit games like Assassin's Creed, The Division, Ghost Recon, DayZ, Days Gone, FIFA, and many other titles. The Next Fest demo of Warden’s Will is only available in single-player mode, but the full game will be playable in single-player or up to 3 players co-op.


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