Experience Epic Fantasy Sci-Fi Adventure in Symbol of Sacrifice Demo

Gaming Staff • June 1, 2024

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Experience Epic Fantasy Sci-Fi Adventure in Symbol of Sacrifice Demo

Umbrella Labs has announced the release of the Symbol of Sacrifice demo, a High Fantasy Sci-Fi visual novel with jRPG elements. The game is inspired by the Witcher and Avatar the Last Airbender, and tells the story of the clash between two civilizations in their struggle for survival. The demo, which is now available on Steam, focuses on the small village of Alezia and the journey of the heroes towards redemption after a family tragedy.

Players will face a vital decision that will split the game into three unique storylines, each with different encounters, locations, battles, endings, and more. The game is driven by player choice and is the result of Umbrella Labs' long journey in creating a high-quality visual novel.

The CEO of Umbrella Labs, Roshaan "Khanondrum" Khan, expressed his excitement for the release of the demo and the representation of the company's quality and values. The press kit and trailers are available for media use. The game is expected to offer an unforgettable adventure that combines the best of fantasy and sci-fi.


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