EVERING: A Epic Time-Loop Adventure RPG Now Available

Gaming Staff • February 28, 2024

EVERING, an adventure RPG with a turn-based combat system and pixel art style, has been released by Purpure Studio after more than 3 years in development. The game features an epic story with witty and funny dialogues, and a unique world where time loops around. Players will follow the story of Eldar, Prince of Onnya, who is joined by charismatic characters such as Lue, a powerful witch, Jövla, a mysterious wanderer, Laric, an apprentice alchemist, and Qibayn, an artist.

EVERING offers a grounded story about coming of age, personal growth, and adventure into the unknown, with a balance between humor and drama. The game was released in early access in 2020 and has since been updated with new content and improvements. The final chapter has now been released, along with changes and improvements to already released content, such as new menus and a revamped side quest system.

The game stands out with its colorful pixel art style, expressive characters, and unique scenarios. It is a love letter to nostalgia and a tribute to classic games such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Earthbound. EVERING offers over 25 hours of gameplay, with a variety of towns and dungeons to explore, unique enemies and bosses to fight, and peculiar characters to meet. Players can also find lore books that build a detail-rich world, and solve puzzles and side quests.

EVERING is the first commercial game from Purpure Studio, a team of two people from northwestern Spain. The game is self-published by the studio and is available in English and Spanish.


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