EVE Online: Equinox Launches, Empowering Players to Shape Nullsec Space

Gaming Staff • June 11, 2024

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CCP Games, the developer of EVE Online, has released the latest expansion for its popular spacefaring MMO. Titled Equinox, this narrative-driven expansion focuses on increasing tensions in player-controlled nullsec systems, encouraging players to take control and reshape the lawless frontier.

Equinox offers several new features to enhance player control over territory. Nullsec Colony Operations allow corporation and alliance leaders to construct massive Upwell structures, such as orbital skyhooks, sovereignty hubs, and moon drills, for resource extraction and management. Sovereignty upgrades enable players to discover new ores and challenging combat anomalies, while the strategic importance of star systems is redefined with planets now integral to each system's function.

The expansion introduces four new defense-capable cargo ships and a Ship SKINR Tool, enabling players to design custom ship SKINs for the first time in EVE Online's history. Custom ship SKINs will be tradable via PLEX or ISK, bolstering the game's player-driven economy. Improvements to Corporation Projects and AIR Daily Goals offer new enhanced projects and a monthly reward track for dedicated players.

CCP Games also announced that full details about the next live event for EVE Vanguard, the sci-fi sandbox FPS set in the EVE Universe, will be unveiled later in June. This time-limited event will be accessible to EVE accounts with Omega status, which players can obtain for free by claiming the seven-day free Omega time offer available until 20 June.

EVE Online: Equinox is now live, and players can visit the New Eden Store to claim seven days of Omega status for free until 20 June 2024. For more information about the expansion, visit eveonline.com/now/equinox.


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