Europa Universalis IV: Winds of Change - New Historical Content for Diverse Nations

Gaming Staff • May 8, 2024

The latest expansion for Europa Universalis IV, Winds of Change, offers new historical content for numerous nations, including the Aztec Empire, Mughal Empire, Venice, and the Netherlands. This content comes in the form of expanded mission trees, unique government reforms, new decisions and events, and special mechanics that allow for the leveraging of cultural abilities for unique bonuses.

The Aztecs, Maya, and Inca have significant updates, including new mechanics that reflect their unique characteristics and special content for alternate-history invasions of the Old World. The Netherlands and Venice also receive expanded historical flavor, with more detailed content for the creation and enlargement of the Dutch Republic and the Glorious Revolution, among other things.

The Gunpowder Empires, including the Timurid and Mughal Empires, as well as the Central Asian Horde nations, also get updates. Central Europe, specifically Austria, Hungary, and Bohemia, receive revised trees, including the possibility for the Austrian and Hungarians to form the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary.

New alternate-history options and content are available for the formation of Germany and Italy, and the Minor Orthodox Empires of Theodoro and Trebizond seek to thrive and expand. Hisn Kayfa and Hormuz/Oman also receive unique mission trees to dominate the Middle East.

Europa Universalis IV: Winds of Change is now available for $19.99/£16.75/€19.99. Paradox Interactive is a leading developer and publisher of strategy and management games for PC and consoles, with popular franchises such as Stellaris, Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, Crusader Kings, Cities: Skylines, Prison Architect, and the Surviving games.


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