Erenshor's Summer Update: New Zones, Events, and Steam Deck Support

Gaming Staff • July 2, 2024

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Erenshor's Summer Update: New Zones, Events, and Steam Deck Support

Burgee Media has announced a summer update for its game Erenshor, a simulated MMORPG. The update focuses on world building, with 24 out of 28 planned zones built and ready to be populated with content. Dungeons are being added to fill the content gap between levels, and quests and sub-quests are being incorporated into the existing world. The update also includes new quality of life (QOL) features, such as full functionality on the Steam Deck, with controls to be tuned up based on player feedback.

Burgee Media has also announced details for a "Spooky GM Event" planned for Halloween. The event will approximately double the amount of content in the demo, giving players an entire new area to explore for a limited time. Players will have the chance to win prizes and limited edition items.

In addition, the developer answers frequently asked questions in the update, confirming that there will be a hardcore mode with perma-character death at launch, and that new classes may be added after launch if there is still demand. However, the four beginning classes will be present at launch.

Burgee Media is committed to creating high-quality games that players love, with a focus on enjoyable design and development. The company released its first stand alone commercial title in 2017 and has been dedicated to game development ever since. The public demo for Erenshor can be downloaded directly from the Burgee Media Steam page. The game is set to be released in 2025.


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