Embrace the Art of Patience: Try the 'While Waiting' Demo, a Profound Gaming Journey

Gaming Staff • February 28, 2024

Embrace the Art of Patience: Try the 'While Waiting' Demo, a Profound Gaming Journey

Optillusion Games, the creators of the award-winning "Moncage", have recently launched a demo for their upcoming game, "While Waiting". The demo is now available for free on Steam, offering players a glimpse into this innovative title that transforms the act of waiting into a strategic and thought-provoking experience.

"While Waiting" features over 100 life situations, each presenting a unique perspective on the moments we spend waiting in our lives, from birth to death. The game encourages players to embrace patience as their primary tool for progression, making it both the key and the challenge in each waiting experience. The game combines humor and depth, offering a blend of comedic and serious tones that navigate the duality of life's moments, providing laughter and contemplation in equal measure.

Exploration and discovery play a significant role in "While Waiting", as hidden surprises and elements await players who engage deeply with each scenario. The game serves as a meditation on acceptance and the beauty of life's journey, teaching players the art of patience and appreciation for the moments in between.

The full version of "While Waiting" will contain over 100 levels, while the demo allows players to experience 10 levels, totaling around 30 minutes of playtime. These levels include waiting for the bus, waiting in traffic, and waiting for the toilet, among others.

Optillusion Games is known for its innovative approach to gaming and its commitment to exploring the potential of interactive media. "While Waiting" continues this tradition, offering players a life-affirming experience that transcends conventional gaming boundaries. The demo is now available on Steam, inviting players to join this journey of reflection, discovery, and understanding the art of waiting.


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