DUCKSIDE: A Persistent World Survival Game Where You're a Duck with Weapons

Gaming Staff • April 1, 2024

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DUCKSIDE is a forthcoming persistent world survival game being developed by tinyBuild Riga and published by tinyBuild. In DUCKSIDE, players assume the role of ducks in a world where they must compete against other players and non-player characters, referred to as "featherless" or "humans," for resources and territory.

The game is inspired by the fact that over 10 million ducks are killed by hunters each year, and aims to imagine a world where ducks have been trained for combat. Players must gather resources, craft weapons and tools, and build shelters to protect their loot and their lives. The game features sophisticated flight mechanics, allowing players to glide, hover, accelerate, and dive while shooting and fighting.

Structures and loot in DUCKSIDE are not safe, as every structure can be destroyed and every stash of loot can be raided. Players can choose to play alone or with a flock of other ducks, working together to build, explore, fight, and survive. The game encourages players to get into the mind of a duck and experience the world from their perspective. DUCKSIDE does not yet have a release date.


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