Dragona: Fireborne Open Alpha - Join the Dragon-Fueled Adventure Now

Gaming Staff • February 21, 2024

The open alpha testing phase for the highly anticipated game, Dragona: Fireborne, is now live. Players can create an account on the game's official website and download the game to start their adventure. Until the game is approved on Steam, players can use the provided client to launch the game.

Dragona: Fireborne is a captivating universe where dragons rule the skies and magic is abundant. The game offers an immersive experience full of excitement, discoveries, and challenges. Players are encouraged to join the official Discord server to report any issues and share their experiences.

The open alpha test is an exciting opportunity for players to explore the game world before its official release. All accounts will be reset after the beta period to ensure a fair start during Early Access. The game promises to unleash the dragon within players and provide them with an unforgettable experience.

Dragona: Fireborne is set in a world where dragons and magic are at the forefront, providing players with a unique and captivating universe to explore. The game offers a variety of challenges and discoveries, making it an exciting experience for players.

To learn more about the game and create an account, players can visit the official website. The Discord server is also available for players to join and connect with the game's community. With the open alpha test now live, players can finally get a taste of what Dragona: Fireborne has to offer.


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