Dawn of Defiance: A Co-op Survival Game Set in Ancient Greek Mythology

Gaming Staff • May 8, 2024

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Traega Entertainment, an independent video game studio, has announced its upcoming game, Dawn of Defiance. This open-world, crafting-survival game is inspired by ancient Greek mythology and is set to launch in early access later in 2024 on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

In Dawn of Defiance, players become the Defier of Gods, starting as a weak soldier and evolving into a god-like anti-hero. The game takes place on the ruined Isles, where players must hunt for resources, build impressive temples, and defeat the Gods' followers to gain their mythic abilities.

Key features of Dawn of Defiance include survival on the Isles, exploration of ruins, customized crafting, defying the Gods, and cooperative multiplayer for up to four players. Players can venture across the Isles, complete altar challenges, craft weapons with various ingredients, and build structures that rival the halls of Olympus.

Dawn of Defiance offers online cooperative multiplayer, allowing players to undertake this journey alone or with friends. The game is now available to wishlist on Steam and the Epic Games Store. For more information, visit the official website, follow Traega Entertainment on Twitter and TikTok, and join the community on Discord.

Traega Entertainment is an independent video game studio based in Nashville, Tenn., founded by Dax Hock. The studio consists of experienced talent from well-known studios, including Sony, Epic, Bethesda, Gearbox, and Funcom. Traega Entertainment is self-funded and has been creating video games for the past nine years.


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