Crowdfund Our Brilliant Ruin: A TTRPG Navigating Gilded Age Drama & Extinction-Level Horror

Gaming Staff • February 27, 2024

Studio Hermitage's debut tabletop roleplaying game, Our Brilliant Ruin, is now crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The game combines the personal and sociological drama of a gilded age with the existential horror of living through an extinction-level event. Backers can choose from various rewards, including a Standard Hardcover Edition, a Kickstarter-exclusive Brilliant Edition Hardcover, and the opportunity to name families, secret societies, estates, and unbonded groups. The project is written by industry veterans Justin Achilli, Rachel J. Wilkinson, and Pam Punzalan, with art by Andy Foltz and Efrem Palacios. Our Brilliant Ruin uses an original system of dice pools driven by a character's emotions and motivations. Studio Hermitage plans to bring the world of the Dramark to other formats, such as graphic novels, audio dramas, and video games. The company is a transmedia company working on original Intellectual Property for production across various formats, led by game development veterans Paxton Galvanek, Justin Achilli, and Andy Foltz.


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