Cooperative City-Builder, The Whims of the Gods, Announced: Defend Cities & Outsmart Deities with a Fellow Tribe

Gaming Staff • April 22, 2024

The Whims of the Gods is a unique city-builder game set in ancient times, focusing on online co-op gameplay for two players. Instead of competing against each other, players must cooperate for mutual benefits and defend themselves together against adversaries. The game features a city-building aspect where players build their cities, meet the needs of inhabitants, and develop complex production systems.

The game also includes auto-battler mechanics for defending the city against enemies, with special abilities available based on technological advancements and buildings placed in the village. A mystical calendar reveals upcoming events, requiring players to prepare for what's coming and face the relentless fury of an impending volcanic eruption.

The Whims of the Gods offers a unique cooperation system where players can join forces to create a thriving metropolis, share tasks, and determine their roles in the city's development. The game features different ways the city may develop and different paths to reach victory or failure, with various game endings unlocking depending on players' choices.

The game is being developed by PJ Games, a Polish studio founded by two strong players in the entertainment market: Platige Image S. A. and Juggler Games Sp. z o. o. The Whims of the Gods is set to launch on PC in Q3 this year on Steam Early Access.


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