COLOPL and CBI Ally to Expand Brilliantcrypto's Global Reach

Gaming Staff • June 7, 2024

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COLOPL and CBI Ally to Expand Brilliantcrypto's Global Reach

COLOPL, a Japanese gaming company, has formed a capital and business alliance with Crypto Blockchain Industries (CBI), a French company that specializes in blockchain technology and the metaverse. The two companies will work together to globally expand Brilliantcrypto, a blockchain game developed by COLOPL.

CBI is the developer of AlphaVerse, a metaverse platform that allows players to explore various universes using one account. The company also invests in blockchain-based projects and publishes web3 games in regions such as Europe, South America, and North America.

As part of the partnership, Brilliantcrypto has signed a publishing agreement with CBI for the PC version of the game in France, other European countries, and South America. COLOPL has invested €12.5 million in CBI in exchange for 12.5% of the company's shares.

Brilliantcrypto is a subsidiary of COLOPL that focuses on blockchain gaming. The company aims to create games that utilize blockchain technology and stand out in a global market.

CBI's CEO, Frédéric Chesnais, has a background in finance and law and has held leadership positions at various investment banks and gaming companies. CBI's AlphaVerse platform includes universes such as Football at Alphaverse and Beat Alphaverse.

The partnership between COLOPL and CBI is expected to accelerate the global expansion of Brilliantcrypto and strengthen both companies' presence in the blockchain and metaverse spaces.


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