Chromatic Memories: Uncover the Past in a Vivid Visual Novel

Gaming Staff • February 20, 2024

Perla Oculta, an indie game studio from Spain, has announced its upcoming visual novel, Chromatic Memories. The game is set in the Canary Islands in the early 2000s, in a world where technology allows people to alter memories. Players will assume the role of Nayara, a painter of memories who has been erasing her own past.

The game follows Nayara's journey to uncover her lost memories and discover why she tried to erase them. She will investigate her past by talking to people and gathering information to solve the mystery. The game features a Fauvist art style, inspired by avant-garde artists from the early 20th century.

Chromatic Memories offers a cozy narrative about grief, loss, memory, and acceptance. Players will navigate through Nayara's memories, investigate the scene, and talk to characters to get the main facts. They will also enjoy minigames to craft new colors with pigments, search for old phone numbers to reconnect with lost friends, and hear their stories.

Perla Oculta's goal is to create more narrative video games that convey a story beyond the mechanics. The studio hopes that Chromatic Memories will be the first stone to make their motto a reality: "Games Within Stories." The game will be released on Steam soon, and players can download Chromatic Memories' screenshots from the provided link.


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