Chornobyl Liquidators Release Date Announced: Journey Through Historical Realism and Immersive Gameplay

Gaming Staff • April 25, 2024

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The developers at Live Motion Games, based in Warsaw and Katowice, Poland, along with publisher and co-developer Frozen Way from Krakow, Poland, have announced that their game, Chornobyl Liquidators, will be released on June 6th, 2024 for PC players, with a console port in the works. The game is a commemoration of the Chornobyl nuclear disaster and its victims. A new gameplay trailer has been released to give players a glimpse of the game's mechanics, development stage, and atmosphere. The partnership between Live Motion Games and Frozen Way will allow for knowledge and experience sharing, as well as additional pre-release support for the game.

Chornobyl Liquidators is an immersive sim game inspired by the real-life nuclear disaster in Chornobyl in 1986, with a focus on historical accuracy and realism. Players will not face mutated creatures or radiation anomalies, but will instead experience the actual consequences of the reactor failure. The game accurately reproduces events, language, locations, documents, tools, and items used in Soviet Ukraine during that era, based on archival photos, documents, memories, and museum exhibits.

The game's storyline is mature and emotionally engaging, allowing players to experience the events from the perspective of the Liquidators, the personnel tasked with dealing with the aftermath of the disaster. Players will take on the roles of fictional characters inspired by true stories and visit real locations from 1986, performing tasks that could have been completed by the Liquidators during that period.

Chornobyl Liquidators combines different gaming genres, including historical, survival, simulation, and narrative games. The game includes a stress mechanic that represents the protagonist's mental and performance state, which can lead to a heart attack and death. Players will make moral choices that affect the game's events and story, leading to one of two possible endings.

Live Motion Games is an energetic development studio and publisher from Poland, known for their games Builder Simulator, Train Station Renovation, and Bakery Simulator. Frozen Way is a game development studio and publisher from Cracow, Poland, known for co-creating House Flipper with its Pets DLC and Farm DLC, as well as creating


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